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Education Systems
Health Systems

Hospital Management System 

Ultimate solution for any kind of :

  • Hospital

  • Diagnostic Center

  • Clinic

  • Nursing Home

  1. Doctor Database

  2. Patient Database

  3. Human Resource Database

  4. 7 Types Of Login Access (Admin, Doctor, Patient, Nurse, Accountant, Pharmacist, Laboratorist)

  5. Hospital Accounting

  6. Financial Reporting

  7. Invoicing

  8. Dynamic Language (New)

  9. Multi Language

    - English, - French - Italian - Portuguese - Spanish

  1. Easy Process to Translate Into any Language (New)

  2. Patient Medical History (New)

  3. Patient Medical Files Archive (New)

  4. Prescription (New)

  5. Patient Payment History (New)

  6. User Activity Report (New)

  7. Doctor’s Commission calculator for Diagnosis Reference(New)

Banking & Finance

   We integrate with most of major payment gateway and provides with     a stable Banking integration system used around the world.